How to setup Google Adwords

Account Settings

When creating a new Google Ad-words account, there are some initial
steps you need to take before creating ads and keyword lists. This section
will highlight the important settings you need to check first for both
platforms before beginning a new campaign and assumes that you’ve
already signed up and have an account started.


The most powerful obvious part is your billing settings—without a valid credit card entered into your account, you won’t be able to generate any ad impressions. Once a credit card is entered, you can choose to pay automatically—where your card is charged after $50 is accrued or 30 days, whichever comes first—or manually—where you charge a specific amount to your card beforehand and use up that allotment like you would a debit card.

Location and time zone

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check the location and time zone settings. These will allow you to set which country your account is based in, what
language you want Ad-Words to communicate with you in, what time zone you’re in and what type of currency you’d like to use for billing.


you use Google Analytics to track site usage data, you should enable the auto-tagging feature. This will automatically
tag the end of your URLs so AdWords data correctly corresponds with Google Analytics without any additional manual destination URL tagging on your part. If you use another 3rd party analytics platform, you may be required to add manual tags different from Google tags, in which case you should leave the auto-tagging feature disabled.

Setup Your Google AdWords Campaign in 9 Steps

1. Select your campaign type and name.
2. Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show.
3. Choose your “bid strategy,” and set your daily budget.
4. Ignore the “Ad Extensions” section for now.
5. Create your first ad group, and write your first ad.
6. Insert your keywords into the keyword field in your account.
7. Set your maximum cost-per-click.
8. Review everything.
9. Enter your billing information.

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