Top 10 YouTube Secret Tricks

Friends In this post I am telling you the YouTube Secret Tricks which you will love very much.
YouTube is a video sharing website. People here share their videos. It was started on 14th February 2005 and its founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. YouTube is considered the world’s 2nd largest search engine and 1st is Google.
Top 10 YouTube Secret Tricks in Hindi

YouTube is commonly used to watch videos but in today you are telling some secret tricks that you can even have fun on YouTube. Keep reading this post to the last to know all these tricks.

1.YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts
Friends, here I am telling you YouTube’s keyboard shortcuts will help you use YouTube more easily.
1) Press the K button to pause YouTube videos.
2) Video 10 sec. Press the J button to rewind.
3) 10 seconds video Press L to fast forward
4) Press M to close the video to mute the audio.
5) Press shift + P to see the previous video.
6) Press shift + N to see the next video.

2. Use the Force luke
If you search by using the force luke type in the search box, all the videos and characters will be moving on the screen. You will definitely enjoy using it once you see it.

3. Do the harlem shake
If you do search by doing the harlem shake type then you will be able to dance to all the videos on the screen and together with a rock music.

4. Doge meme
Friends, when you search by doge meme type, all the words on your screen will be colourful. Try it and try it is a very good trick.

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5. YouTube TV
If you want to make YouTube a TV then search by typing in your browser then you will see a different interface for YouTube and when you play video, the video will look like a TV on full screen.

6. Download YouTube videos
Friends, if you have to download any YouTube video then copy this video’s url address and search by adding SS to it like: –
After this, a website will be open which is named savefrom.Net, you can download this video in the best quality.

7. Video to GIF
If you want to create a Gif file of a video, add GIF to the URL of the video like this: –
Now the site of will be open from where you get the gifs of any video You can create

8. Upcoming YouTube Features
YouTube always brings new updates if you want to know about YouTube’s upcoming new features, then search by typing in your browser.
Now a page will be open here, you will find all the information about YouTube’s upcoming features.

9. Identify song in videos.
If you are watching a YouTube video and there is a song playing in it, then learn in your browser to find out about it. Now this website will open, copy the url address of that video and search on this site. Do it
Now you will find all the information in the video that will be playing in the video.

10. Floating YouTube player
Friends, if you want to watch a YouTube video while browsing, then the floating YouTube player is made for you. Which you can put anywhere on your desktop screen, the advantage of this is that you can watch YouTube videos while doing any other work in your browser.
You need to download the Floating YouTube player extension to add it to your Chrome browser.

Friends, I hope you have liked this secret YouTube tricks if you have any questions to ask us, then we will be happy to help you.
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