Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones

Hello Friends In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the Best Video Editor apps, with which you will be able to edit video from your Smartphone and give a great look to your video.

10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones

First thing we talk about is whether Video Editing Apps are free or not, it is not absolutely necessary that all Android Apps are available in Free but you can download and install them in Free but when you make Video Editing from them If you download, you will get a watermark in your video which does not make much difference.

Because to improve any thing, the right content is needed, not the Watermark Free Video, then you can use Paid Android Apps in free and edit your videos so that it will make software for you to build a Base. When you get money, you can use Paid Apps.

Because if you are new then we would suggest that you do not run behind paid items, most of the things are available in the free you use them and increase your online earning.

1- Power Director

Power Director is the most popular Android App to Video Editing and today most people who work on YouTube use Power Director only. You can trim, crop, and reorder video on Power Director, so that you can adjust your video well, with it you get lots of effects so that you can use Effects in your videos too. Can.

Power Director is a Paid Android App but you can use it in free but if you use Paid Version, you also get lots of extra features. There are not many options available when you take Free Version, but you get all the work options you can edit your video better.

2- Action Director Video Editor

Action Director Video Editor is a Video Editing Software and now it is also available in the Android App. With this app you can easily drag & drop video clips and render them according to your edit accordingly.

When you use the Action Director Video Editor App, you get different features like: Add your Music on Video, Trim or Cut Video, Enter Text and Slow Motion Effect also you can apply on your video so that your Video The classic look is found.

3- FilmoraGo- Free Video Editor

Filmora is the most popular software for Video Editing and is mostly used by YouTuber Filmora and is now also available on the FilmoraGo Android App which is absolutely free. Click on the icon given below to download FilmoraGo.

When you use FilmoraGo, you can easily trim or cut your videos, add music, transition add, and much more that you can do on your videos.

4- Free Video Editor

it is a Free Video Editing App so that you can add Music to Cut, Trim, and Music to your Video, and with it you get lots of effects, you can get Emoji and Text on Video Can also add.

5- Funimate Video Effects Editor

Funimate is a free video editor app that is very popular but with this app you can make music better by just adding them to images or videos, and if you want to edit Serious Video from this app then this App Not to be.

On this app, you get lots of effects, which you can download and use on your video, but if you want to edit professional videos then this app is not something special for you.

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We’ve just added this app to the list of Effects and Normal Use in this list.

6- Kine Master

Kine Master is a very popular and useful Video Editing App, where you get different layers for importing audio, video and images on the timeline, so that you can edit your video very well.

You can also use the Green Effect Function on Kine Master, which is not available on most of the Video Editing Android Apps. With this you get lots of effects, transactions, it is not powerful on the Desktop Computer like Available Softwares but you can do most of the things with this app.

If you use Free, you get limited features only, but if you pay $ 4.99 / month, you get lots of features that make your Video Editing easy.

7- Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker Android App is by far the best Video Editing Apps because this app lets you easily trim, crop and reorder the video. Along with this, here are Variety of Video Effects available so that you can make your video more effective, as well as you can also create Custom Filters when you use this App.

This Android App is not used much because of some of your Bug Issues but it is a better Video Editing Android App that you can use easily. Movie Maker Fimmaker Android App is absolutely free and you can download and use this app in Free.

8-Quik (Video Editing App)

Quik is a New Generation Video Editing App, where you can edit more than 50 photos and videos. This app has everything that should be in a Video Editing App. You can easily upload your video to Trim, Crop and Musics. Can add.

On this app, you get lots of video effects, which can make your video more attractive. This Android App is more powerful than apps like Adobe Premiere Clip and Power Director, and it’s just free.

9- Adobe Premiere Clip

When we talk about Video Editing Android Apps, the name of the Adobe Premiere Clip definitely comes because it is the most popular and useful Android App and most people use this app.

With Adobe Premiere Clip Android App, you can trim, crop, and adjust video as well, with lots of effects available which you can use easily. Along with this, the Android App is absolutely free, which does not require you to pay.

10- Viva Video (Video Editing App)

Viva Video Android App is a very powerful Video Editor App that lets you trim, crop, and adjust your video. The most important thing is that when you use this app, you get 200 Video Filters and Effects, from which you can give Amazing look to your video.

This is a Paid Android App and if you use it in free, then Water Mark is available on your Video, which you have to use Paid version to remove. You can Purchase this App at $ 3.99.

In Conclusion: Video Editing App

Most of the Android apps that you share in this article about the Video Editing App are available in Free and you can also use those who are not free but your video comes in Watermark.

We can tell you already that content is more important to earn Earning, not Watermark, so you can use these apps by downloading and using whatever app you like, please tell us in the Comment Box.

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