Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software For PC Windows

Nowadays social media craze is very much in the public, every day by taking self-shelf or photographing someone else, upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Often it has been seen that the photos are as good as the songs, the comments are more frequent. So most people edit their photo and upload it to social media.

Not just social media, but all companies also use photo editing to promote their brand, which market them by putting brand image on their website, social media, road banner etc. For this, they need a graphic designer.

If you want to learn image editing for personal or professional use then today we have brought some of the best software that has mastered graphic design and image editing.

Adobe Photoshop CC

When it comes to image editing, Adobe’s name comes first because it is working for the graphic for many years. Today many of its software is in the market and all are considered better. Adobe Photoshop CC is the next version of its Photoshop, which has been the best image editing software for us. If you want to edit your photo in multiple layers, 3D models will require Photoshop for advanced features such as editing, drawing, filters. Most companies use this software. There is no lack of feature in it, edit your photo or graphic anyway whatsoever. Once you understand this software well, you will become master of graphic designing.

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is a great photo editing software. Its user interface is so good that you can easily learn from it. In the case of feature, it is so strong that you can use it professionally. In this software you will find many features like Red eye removal, Makeover tools, Smooth wrinkles, Whiten teeth, Enhance skin tone etc. This software is in 3 tabs – Manage, Adjust and Edit. You can browse, tag and organize photos in the Manage tab. In the adjusted tab, there are basic features like crop, retouch, straightening the photos. The Edit tab is the Advance tool for this software, here you will find all the features and filters which can edit your photo in any way.

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CyberLink PhotoDirector

The main thing about CyberLink is that it has very good user interface of all its software. New users can easily learn from its software. In case of feature CyberLink is not less than any. Strong feature and fast work also. Its PhotoDirector is the best software for ultra image editing. It has an advanced feature such as layers, filters, effects, and has more than 100 lens profiles that are used for photo correction. This software is available on both Windows and Mac.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

This is a light version of Photoshop created by Adobe. If you are a fan of photography then this software will be the best for you. Its latest version is designed with touch screen devices in mind, so you can easily edit on your touchscreen laptop or tab. Photoshop Elements has all the new features available from basic to advanced. If you are new to this software then there is nothing to worry about. It keeps telling you the guide line to use. If you are interested in photography then start using this software as there are many features of photo correction in it.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is an advance and professional photo editing software. It was first made for the Mac operating system but now it can also be used on the Windows operating system. You will have a little trouble by looking at its look and features, but gradually you will learn it. There are some basic features like Red eye removal, Selection, Cropping, Painting and Drawing tools, and Vector shape tools etc. There is also advanced feature like Batch processing, Cloning stamp, Font effects and Lens distortion correction.

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