Top 10 Best Free Data Recovery Software For PC

Data Recovery Software Information, many times our data is deleted from our mobile phone or computer, there is a lot of things that we have stored in our mobile or computer, and we have deleted it after we deleted it. If we get very upset, we are very sorry, we would have kept him for a long time, he was associated with our memories, or he used to do a lot of work.

You will be very pleased to know that some Free Data Recovery Software lets you recover your lost data, which means that you can get back to it.

You will need to know that even though you have deleted the data, it still exists in the Hard Drive, USB Drive, Media Card, and Smartphone that can be recovered from Data Recovery Software.

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1. Recuva:

Through this, you can recover from Lost File, Computer, Digital Camera, Memory Card, due to accidentally deleted critical file, Computer Crash.

You can recover Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, Email and other files that you have lost through Recuva from the External Hard Drive, the USB card.

The files that are difficult to find can be easily found by Recuva Advance Deep Scan Mode.

2. Puran file Recovery:

Puran File Recovery can use Hard Disks, Pen Drive, Memory Cards, Mobile Phones, and even CD, DVDs to recover deleted files from any such storage.

Talking about its main features, it includes Simple Interface, Powerful Recovery Engine, Perfect Combination of Speed, Accuracy and Simplicity.

Deleted files from Quick Scan will be listed in a few seconds and it also supports FAT12 / 16/32 and NTFS.

Its Deep Scan will very well by Drive Byte by Byte Scan.

It can detect Full Scan Detect Deleted / Lost Partitions and even the Formated Drive can also recover files, so RAW and Physical Drives can also be scanned.

Deep / Full Scan will not only get lost files Record but also different format files will detect, such that there are many other benefits that you can read and check by opening these Sites.

3. Glary Undelete

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Grey Free and Easy to Use O, it supports FAT, NTFS, NTFS +, EFS File System, this allows you to recover data from Internal Hard Drive other than Pen Drive, Memory Card, External Hard Disk, and other Removal Media. This will be automatic shorting from Search File Name, Size, Creation Date, its User Rating is also good, visit its Site for more information.

4. Soft Perfect File

It is also a Free File Recovery Software, you can easily use this software in Mobile and Computer, its Windows version, Mac Version, and Softperfect File Recovery Software are also available.

5. Wise Data

With Wise Data Recovery, you can recover Documents, Photos, Videos, Emails etc from your Local or Removal Drives in Free, its Data Scanning Speed is also good, it will also show you the possibility of Lost Files Recovering, its Portable Version Allow You To Avoid Data Over Writing For more information, please visit its site.

6. Pandora Recovery

Through Pandora you can recover pictures, songs, movies and documents, it is also a great Free File Recovery Software, please visit its Site for more information.

7. Disk Drill

It is also an excellent Data Recovery Software, it is available in both Free and Pro, you can Recover Business Documents, Photos, Videos, Music, With this, All File Formats can be recovered, it supports All Major Devices. It does not need any expert skills such as IOS, Android and using it.

You can do this by restoring data from any Internal / External Storage, iOS and Android Storage.

It has been downloaded by 10 Million + people, it has 150+ Countries in Business and Home Use and its 500,000+ Pro Clients, visit its Site for more information.

8. Free Undelete

It is also a Free Data Recovery Software, it supports all Operating Systems, you can comfortably use it without any special skills.

9. CD Recovery Toolbox

This software can recover data from Corrupted CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray etc, it will scan the tool completely and save as much information as possible, For More Information Please Visit It’s Site

10. TOKIWA Data Recovery

It is also free tool to recover data, it is more suitable for USB Drive and Floppy Disk but you can also recover data from Hard Drives and Memory Card.

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