What is Google Adsense? How to use it for Earning Money Online?


Adsense is a very simple and easy platform to earn a lot of money without any cost by placing advertisements on your website, Adsense also matches your websites content and advertisement. These ads are made by those advertiser who want to spread their products in all places, These advertiser pays different amount for different ads, That’s why your income remains different, Through Adsense you can show interesting and relevant ads to your site visitors, You can also customize the size and color of ads relevant to your website, Adsense automatically display advertisements on your site that are fit and relevant to your site, When your advertisement completes then you can see advertisements on your site but you are to memories that you are not to click your ads because Adsense programmed policy do not give you permission to click on ads, If you see such ads on your site which you do not like, For this you can customize where ads appear then choose ads which are fit for your site, You can participate free of cost in Adsense, It means there is no cost for Adsense, For this Google will pay to you for click, impression and other interaction on Google advertisements showing on your site, So finally it is a great platform where we can produce and make money without any investment.
If you are ready for starting with Adsense, You can create an account & submit all information whatever needed, then they will contact with you by Email within one week.

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How to Apply:-
1. Create a Gmail account if you haven’t.
2. Before applying for Adsense you should have an own website with a good Domain age. Means if your website have a good domain age, chances of approval higher.
3. Publish Unique & informative Content on your Blog or Website.
4. Provide all key information to whatever needed while account creation like complete address for your bank account including you postal Zip code, language of ads, Customize ads according to you
5. Follow Guidelines of Google Adsense. It allows only who are at least 18 years old have an account & do not create content which is not family safe.
6. Do not publish copyrighted content.
7. Publish longer & unique Content.
8. Increase your website traffic before applying
9. Avoid third party advertisements in your website it affects while approval.
10. Make a great website design for fast approval. Focus on making strong Navigation.

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