Ace Digitech – Flex Printing and Banners and Hoarding printing Gaurav Publicity are the suppliers and manufacturers of all types of flex printing jobs and installation. We have Konica Machines to Provide 7200 sq ft flex Printing in a Day Location in Modinagar, Gharziabad, Meerut. We have machines, color edge machine and Eco solvent flex printing machines etc. We do bulk printing for corporate and companies, we use Quality flex and other good .Printing is done on 180 and 360 dpi. printing of hoardings and back light board printing and for vinyl printing .Flex printing is used for the outdoor publicity in the form of hoardings, dealer boards, kiosks, flex printing can also be used for banner, outdoor banner printing is for short time, banner is very cheap and effective, banner is used for instant impact in the market, flex banner are far better than handmade banners as they have better results and long life.Banner can be done up to 120 inch wide.

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1. Do flex printing services in Modinagar Ghaziabad provide installation and maintenance services?

Ace Digitech Flex Printing many flex printers in Ghaziabad, Modinagar provide installation and maintenance services in addition to printing.

2. What is the difference between flex and vinyl?

Flex is used to make large posters and banners whereas etc, And vinyl requires to be pasted on some material prior to being displayed.

5. What is the approximate printing cost of a flex banner?

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